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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is DWJD?
A: "Do What Jesus Did" is an organization started by Bob Larson, our founder and spiritual head, whose main objective is based on Luke 4:18. We seek to set the captives free from demonic activity and use exorcism and inner healing through the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ, for the glory of God.

Q: Can a Christian have a demon?
A: Yes, Romans 8:10 explains this very well.  Your spirit becomes born again and that is where the God head dwells.  Your body is dead because of sin and that is where the demon dwells.  The battle is for the mind or the will of the person.  According to Luke 11 the demon seeks embodiment to control or set up a strong hold in the persons mind.  Romans 6:16 says you are a slave to the one you obey.

Q: What is a curse?
A: A curse like a prayer is not a wish but an invocation with expectation. The purpose of a curse is to influence the behavior of generations.   

Q: What is a generational curse?
A: This is a curse that was invoked by an ancestor of your mother or father’s blood line that has passed down to you and your children.

Q: What is a demon?
A: The bible teaches that demons are spirit beings with out bodies.  They seek embodiment to carry out their evil nature in the world.  Demons have a purpose, a function and will usually have a curse attached to them. 

Q: What is a legal right?
A: A legal right is the means that a demon can legally enter a body. There are 3 areas that create a legal right.  Spiritual, volitional (willful), and emotional. 

Q: What is an exorcism?
A: An exorcism is the removal of an unclean spirit.  This process is restoring a person to spiritual wholeness. In this process the demon who the Holy Spirit has brought up for judgment will be confronted, identified, its legal right determined and broken.  The bible teaches of a few ways that demons come out of people.  They are commanded to leave.  They must be driven out or cast out, which means to throw out (they must violently by removed).  Under a corporate anointing mass deliverance will happen.

Q: How long does an exorcism take?
A: The removal of a demon or an infirmity is a process. There are many factors that have to be considered to answer this question. The first and foremost question is the individual needing spiritual wholeness a born again believer? How willing is this person to have the demonic influence removed? What type of activities has the person been involved in which would cause demon possession?  How many generations has the demon had the family?  What demon has been called up by the Holy Spirit for removal? Does the person have alter personalities? What curses are operating in their life? Once these questions are answered only then can there be a real assessment given. Most people take multiple sessions, lasting 30 minutes to 3 hours.  All this will be determined by the persons physical and mental strength.

Q: What is an "alter" personality?
A: An alter personality is a fragmentation of the core identity.  A single person displays multiple distinct identities  or personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. The alter personality holds the pain, terror, embarrassment, and the shame of a traumatic event. The "alter" is a coping mechanism to keep a person from losing all sense of reality.  Depending on the severity and length in time of the traumatic event, will determine the depth and the number of fragmentation. For further understanding do a search on Dissociative Identity disorder.

Q: What is inner healing?
A: Inner healing is dealing with traumatic events that have happened in a persons life by going to the point of the pain.  The point of the pain will be found in the dissociative part.  Inner healing will happen when the inner identity has gone to Jesus and forgiven their abuser.  Then allowing Jesus to make whole the persons core identity. We don't believe that clinical psychology can bring wholeness.  It only teaches a person to cope with their dissociative parts.  Only Jesus the creator can bring wholeness to a persons life.

Q: By whose authority do we Do What Jesus Did?
A: We use the authority that Jesus gave us to cast out demons, Luke 10:19. What we do is in His power and it is only to the glory of God that we DWJD.

Q: What are barriers to healing and deliverance?
Ignorance of God's word and God's will, Unbelief, Unconfessed sin, Unforgiveness toward other people, Occult involvement, covenant with people who worship false gods, and Curses.


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