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The classes on curse breaking are:

  • 5 Facts About Curses
    Picture of Bible
  • How to Break the Curse of Cults
  • We Can Curse Ourselves
  • How Do We Break a Curse?

These classes are designed to help everyone see how a curse works and who can curse you. The Bible says that we perish from a lack of knowledge. There are scriptural examples for everything that we need to combat the devil and how we as believers can stop curses in our life from derailing our walk in freedom and prosperity. This is something that we must do for ourselves by the words of our mouth. These classes will weaken demonic activity and make the demon removal process easier. This process brings us one step closer to "Spiritual Freedom".

        Other classes that go along with this are:

  • Salvation
  • Authority of the Believer
    Picture of Jesus on Cross
  • The Steps of an Exorcism
  • 4 Laws of Spiritual Warfare
  • The Difference Between Demons and Celestials
  • How to Receive Your Divine Healing and Keep It