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Photo of Bruce Bruce - Bruce is a graduate of Norval Hayes New Life Bible College.  He has been ministering divine healing and demonic deliverance for nine years.  He has seen countless numbers healed and has ministered over 2500 full demonic manifested exorcisms.  His heart is not only to see the body of Christ embrace the power of God, but also to embrace the delivering power of God.  To minister to all those who suffer from multiple personality disorder.  He is a husband, father and pastor.
Photo of Pastor Leah Leah - Leah has been ministering inner-healing and deliverance for over four years.  She moves in a prophet intercession gift, and also the gift of healing.  Her heart is to accompany the Lord in setting the captives free and mending the broken hearted world wide. She and the pastor have been married over three years and have four children.
Photo of Darla Darla - Darla works in Real Estate and is a mother of four boys. She started ministry three years ago after a divorce to learn to forgive, receive inner healing, and to seek deliverance from the life she had been living. Due to the transformation that this ministry made in her life, she has dedicated herself to help others receive the same love and spiritual freedom that this church family and Jesus has offered her. Recently she has been moving in the gift of prophetic intercession. She is also a student and disciple of the inner healing and deliverance sessions at the ministry.
Photo of Martha Martha