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WINTRAX® JukeBox Software
for Microsoft Windows® XP

Wintrax JukeBox software provides complete PC control of your music library. Collect the song data from the Internet's 550,000+ song database automatically, then load all your CD's into your Pioneer® and/or Sony® Mega/Giga CD changers. Select songs from the Wintrax® screens, using a mouse, touch-screen, keyboard, or X-10® remote and play songs just like on a jukebox! You can even save an unlimited number of your own custom play lists.

You can select songs Alphabetically, by Album Cover, Artist Name, or Song Title, for instant play, just like on a Jukebox. You can also build re-usable and/or automatic play lists. Quick 'hyper-text' searches help find songs instantly! Randomize songs automatically, even across several changers! Censor songs and never hear a song you don't like again! With two changers, the next song cues while the current song is playing for tight music playback. It's like having your own radio station! Great music control for home, businesses, parties, background, radio, or music-on-hold.

Wintrax XP® can control up to eight (8) changers using our custom PSR controllers for Pioneer® or Sony® Mega/Giga CD changers / jukeboxes. Our software and controllers do not use unreliable infrared. We directly connect to the S-Link and/or SR jacks behind the changers, for full two-way control. Visit our screen-shots to see our on-line demo!

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